Flora Sunflower Cooking Spray allows you to fry, roast and bake without adding loads of oil.

  • Spray into a cold frying pan to fry onions.
  • Spritz over parboiled potatoes for lighter roasties.
  • Bake homemade Thai fishcakes with a few squirts of cooking spray in the oven instead of frying.
  • Give your roast chicken a cooking spray tan to get a crispy skin instead adding butter (eat the skin in moderation though!).
  • Lightly spritz the top of your shepherd’s pie for a golden brown and crunchy top to the potato. Running a fork through the potato first will produce peaks which will go extra crispy.
  • Spritz lean meatballs with cooking spray, then roast in the oven for 15 minutes until beautifully browned. Pour over a spicy tomato sauce and bake for 10 minutes more. Serve with wholemeal spaghetti or mini roasties cooked in spray oil.

Available from: Sainsbury’s, Asda, some Tesco stores and Amazon.

Also try: Fry Light Sunflower Cooking Spray. Available in extra virgin olive oil and butter flavour. I wouldn’t recommend the stir fry version!