No matter how good your non-stick baking trays are they can loose their powers in the dishwasher (even if the manufacturer claims they are dishwasher proof) or just through general use.

A much better alternative to normal greaseproof paper, baking paper creates a non-stick surface for baking and roasting. Use to line a baking tray to prevent biscuits or tarts from sticking or to bake homemade spring rolls or fishcakes instead of frying. Spritz with a little spray oil to help crisp up your food.

If you’re using paper to bake bread rolls  or something else non-greasy you can re-use the sheet a couple of times before it becomes a little over-baked and crispy itself.

I’ve noticed on TV cooking shows that lots of celebrity chefs are now using this technique as well for items other than biscuits, so we;re on to a winner!

Tesco sell “baking paper”, whilst the Sainsbury’s version is “greaseproof and baking paper”. Both work well, the only difference is the colour as the Sainsbury’s product is whiter. If you’re buying from another supermarket, just check the box to make sure it’s non-stick as that’s the secret.