For one very easy way to cut down on your saturated fat, try swapping your usual minced beef for the extra lean version next time you’re making a spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie or chilli con carne. You’ll find you don’t get an oil slick left on your plate when you’ve eaten or that oily coating in your mouth.

Normal minced beef contains around 20g of fat per 100g, with approximately half of that being saturated fat. The halfway house, lean mince, typically contains about 12g of fat, with the same ratio of saturated fat. Extra lean minced beef, on average, will contain less than 5g of fat per 100g, with only 2g of saturated fat. So for a recipe using a 500g pack of mince, let’s say to serve 4 people, will contain 10g of saturated fat per portion if you use standard minced beef, but only 2g if you switch to extra lean. The lack of fat doesn’t mean lack of flavour. But don’t forget, most of the time you’ll be adding loads more flavourings anyway.

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s stock extra lean minced beef in the fresh meat section. Asda’s product contains the least amount of fat, 3%. Both Tesco and Sainbury’s also have a frozen, free-flow ligher minced beef, which contain around 7.5% fat.

The extra lean versions do tend to be slightly more expensive, but by adding vegetables and pulses to your dish you can not only bulk it out (like they did in the old days!) to make 500g of mince stretch further, but you’re also adding to your SixFix!

Switching from full fat mince to extra lean will reduced your fat intake by more than 3/4! Just by buying a different pack of meat. It really couldn’t be easier.