I love food. Don’t we all I hear you cry! I love cooking, for my family and friends. But most of all I love being able to make something incredibly tasty that’s also good for you. You see, my obsession is not just with food, but healthy food, with 6 common sense aims.

My goal is help other people do the same and before long they too will be getting their ‘SixFix’.

The SixFix Idea is to:

  1. Increase fruit & veg intake 
  2. Increase water intake
  3. Increase wholegrain intake
  4. Reduce fat intake
  5. Reduce salt intake
  6. Reduce sugar intake

What SixFix is…. and What it isn’t

SixFix is a way to share tasty, healthy recipes, ideas and tips…..

SixFix isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The idea is to increase some aspects and decrease others in your meals, not exclude food groups altogether. There are no points, calorie-counting, no syns, no forbidden foods and no concept of “allowed”. If you fancy some chocolate, have some! The idea is just to not have ‘treats’ every day, because then they stop being treats and start becoming every day foods.

So I’m not Gillian McKeith but then I’m not Nigella Lawson either (and I’ve got a much better figure than both of them!).

Clarey Food Fairy (aka Clare Chapman)

Thirtysomething foodie, collector of recipes, friends and Godchildren!