Increase water intake

SixFix aim for water intake: 8 glasses per day

The aim is for 8 glasses of water per day. But what sized glass? I aim for 2 litres per day – that makes ‘a glass’ 250ml. Some guidance says you can include the water in your tea or coffee in your intake total, whilst other guidance says not. As tea & coffee both contain caffeine (unless you always drink decaffeinated ) which acts as a diuretic, therefore removing water from the body, so I don’t count normal tea as part of my intake (and I don’t drink coffee anyway – not for any health reasons, just because I find it doesn’t quench my thirst. But neither does wine and you drink that you might be thinking – yes, but I like the other benefits of wine!).

I tend to drink chilled water at work, but for some reason at home I find that a bit boring, so here are some suggestions to add to your water to make it more interesting:

  • Sugar-free squash (I’m not overly keen on artificial sweetener, but sugar-free is better for your teeth and also to reduce your sugar intake)
  • Tesco double concentrate tropical, cherries& berries and Mexican lime are nice
  • Fruit & herbal teas
  • Twinings Blueberry & Apple
  • Lemon & ginger – good in the morning, plus my dentist says paler teas stain less!
  • Twinings Winter Spice – you might want to warn people you’re not drinking mulled wine at your desk as it does smell suspiciously like it!
  • Lipton Moroccan Mint
  • Lipton Forest Fruits
  • Peppermint – good for after lunch or dinner