Reduce fat intake

SixFix aim: to reduce total amount of fat, focusing on saturated fat in particular.

Obviously it’s incredibly difficult to weigh the amount of fat you have each day, so it’s a good to have an idea as to what ‘high fat’ and what ‘low fat’ are:

• High fat foods: more than 20g of total fat per 100g
• Low fat foods: less than 3g of total fat per 100g

In general, if you always opt for lower fat foods then you know you are reducing your total fat intake.

For a healthy heart, we need to reduce saturated fats in particular, but by virtue of decreasing you total fat intake you’ll also decrease your saturated fat. It still doesn’t harm to learn to read ‘label language’ on foods

  • Spray oil reduces total amount of fat when ‘frying’
  • Use rapeseed oil instead of olive oil, as it contains less saturated fat. Did you know that ‘vegetable oil’ is actually just rapeseed oil? Some supermarkets now sell cold-pressed rapeseed oil – good for dressings etc
    • Aldi cold-press rapeseed oil
    • Normal supermarket vegetable oil (use sparingly / in moderation)
    • Buy reduced fat version of dairy product where possible
      • Reduced fat cheddar – Tesco make a reduced fat extra mature cheese – great for flavour but for some reason they only sell it in big packs!!
      • Reduced fat mozzarella for homemade pizzas (on a wholemeal base of course!)
      • Low fat natural yogurt, mixed with poached fruit or fat free Greek yogurt. Avoid low fat flavoured yogurts too often – the fat tends to be replaced with sugar & sweetene
      • 1% milk or skimmed milk - whilst semi-skimmed milk sounds low fat when you read the label, because milk tends to be used in larger quantities (e.g. on breakfast cereal or in lattes) the fat content adds up. Replace with 1% milk or skimmed. I started with 1% then went down to skimmed I found I soon get used to it and semi-skimmed milk ended up tasting too creamy. Wiseman, Waitrose, Co-Op & Sainsbury’s all sell 1% milk – Tesco used to but no longer (not in my local store anyway)
      • Reduced fat spread instead of butter – but it doesn’t have to be margarine
        • Clover or Clover reduced fat
        • Utterly Butterly or Utterly Butterly Light
        • Bertolli Olive Spread or Light Olive spread
        • Tesco own Butter Me Up (apart from amusing name) is very good, as is the light version

Beware of transfats and additives included in some reduced fat spreads (to make then melt & spread) – Clover is the best option, but still contains more fat than the lighter version, which in turn contains more additives. Your decision.

  • Buy leaner cuts or meat and/or cut visible fat from joints
    • Sainbury’s duck fillets
    • Tesco extra lean beef steak mince
    • Tesco reduced fat pork mince
    • M&S venison & red wine sausages
    • Tesco half-fat butcher’s sausages
    • Use chicken breast rather than thighs and remove skin (although I do have a weakness for a bit of crispy roast chicken skin! But having a little bit ever couple of months won’t do me any harm)
    • Pork loin steaks – slice up and use in stir fries
    • Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Beef Escalopes – use instead of steak
  • Crisps and savoury snacks
    • Penn State Baked pretzels
    • Walkers Baked Crisps
    • Monster Munch
    • French Fries
    • Change peanuts for roasted soya beans or wasabi peas (M&S or Tesco)
    • Homemade popcorn – use a little oil in a large non-stick pan with a lid. Add spices to salt or sugar so you don’t need as much to flavour it.

Enjoy sparingly due to salt and additive content.